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Flyer de gira de presentaciónHi everybody!

 I’m on the last step of my project.

 A show that toured in Madrid, Barcelona and New York!

A project with a crew of 33 musicians, a real “dream team” (Big Band, strings section and a sextet), conducted by the great Joan Albert Amargós.

Shearing stage with Pedro Ruy-Blas, and, as a special guest, Carme Canela. We have the  C.D. and D.V.D. mixes already finished.

At that moment, we are doing the pack’s (C.D. & D.V.D.) graphic design to make the manufacturing and sell it.

 It is for this reason that I do a Crowdfunding, from the platform

                             QUE NO PARE LA MÚSICA!

                            (DO NOT STOP THE MUSIC!)

Together with you and your support, we can achieve it.  


I hope that the rewards I’d prepared will encourage you to cooperate.




I want to present you a musical project, born in 2008, when I personally meet Pedro Ruy-Blas, a great musician and singer, from Madrid. The best mail voice on our music scene.

The idea of shearing stage and experiences was materialized in a show that is, without doubt, an irrefutable sign of the extraordinary musical quality in our country.

The project became a real show in 2009. On stage, 33 musicians (13 metals, 14 strings, 1 sextet), conducted by one of our best professionals, Mr.Joan Albert Amargós.

Fort he songs, 11 arranjers who brought their personalities and their good work in every theme. And a very especial guest and excellent singer, Carme Canela.

We premiered first in Madrid (20 of May), Teatro Español. Next concert in Barcelona (15 of June), El Palau de La Música, where we recorded and filmed live. Finally, all the team flew to New York where we performed at the Zankel Hall, Carnegie Hall (28 of June)

In El Palau de La Música, we had the great honour to have with us, on stage, Carles Benavent, great among the greats!

This project is/rests now in Madrid, in the hands of José Dalama (Dalamix recording studios) and mine aswell.

Economic problems and the many dificulties (the big crisis!) have not possible for this work to have enough resourses to see the light.

And I wish to make the final this 2015.

It’s for this reason that I get in touch with all of you.

Your contribution will make possible to make this Project on an album, a precious pack of C.D. and D.V.D. and also, at last, to be in tstores. I sincerery think that it’s worth!.

Your collaboration will also be used to make the post-production: the mixings, the audio and video coordination, the C.D./D.V.D.’s graphic design and the manufacturing of Thousand packs for the market.

Aside from my most sincere and infinite gratitude, I offer you a bounche of rewards that hope that will encourage you to collaborate and be part of this project and, of course,  DO NOT STOP THE MUSIC!!








Special Guest – CARME CANELA

Special appearance at the Palau de La Música – CARLES BENAVENT



Baby Grand – Francesc Capella          

Doublebass / Electric Bass – Guillermo Prats
Drums – David Simó  
 Percussion – Luis Dulzaides     
Electric & Acoustic Guitar – Joan Vinyals      
Keyboards – Dani Espasa 




David Pastor (lead) – Matthew Simon – Jaume Peña – Julián Sánchez


Carlos Martín (lead) – Victor Correa – Josep Tutusaus “Tutu” –  Sergi Vergés (bass trombone + tuba)


Victor De Diego (1st.High soprano + flute) – Guim García (2nd.High soprano + flute + piccolo) – Xavi Figuerola (1st.Tenor + clarinet + flute + alto flute) –  Gabriel Amargant (2º.Tenor + 2nd.Tenor + clarinet + flute) – Joan Chamorro (Baritone + bass clarinet + flute)



First Violins

Edurne Vila (Concertino) – Rossen Lambrinov – Marc Armengol – Nicole Fons  – Joan Morera

Second Violins

Eduard Sobrado – Paula Banciu – Jesús Lira “Chui” – Jaume Francesch


Montse Vallvé – Joan Ignasi Ferrer – Aroa García


Esther Vila – Manolo Martínez del Fresno




F.O.H. Technician – José Dalama

Monitors Technician – Ramón Candado

Lighting – J.Teixidó “Teixi”

D.V.D.Post-Production  – Sergi Abad

Film Crew: LM.Consulting and Investment, S.L. – Eric Lutor

Photographers – Jaume F.Garbí, Noah Shaye, Manolo Gutiérrez, Oriol Morte,         

                           Toni Albareda, Sergi Abad, Laura Simó

Graphic Design – Oriol Planells

Coordination & Production – Laura Simó




Josep Maria Durán, Joan Monné, Lorenzo Barriendos, Xavier Capellas, Francesc Burrull, Albert Guinovart, Sergi Vergés, Francesc Capella, David Simó y Joan Albert Amargós.









 “Entitled as “Sueño Inmaterial” (Intangible Dream) by the generous and adventurous of the proposal, Laura Simó and Pedro Ruy-Blas have patented a formula of a magistral duet…. The date, last Wednesday. Neither more, nor less than 33 musicians, brass, strings, conducted by Joan Albert Amargós, and clothing an exquisite repertoire that began with high level swing, to lead progressively to bossa nova and Pedro Ruy-Blas’ songs, switching between the soloist and coral, and duets performings……”


 EFE, MADRID 19/05/2009

 “Laura had this seemingly crazy idea”, was telling Pedro to EFE, after highlighting the vocation to bet for the quality” of a jazz concert.

The song “Sueño Inmaterial”, that gives the title to the show, will be part of the event’s repertoire. Songs arranjed by twelve musicians such as Joan A.Amargós or Josep M.Durán.



1 - JAÇ PORTADA - Pere Pons3 - JAÇ5 - JAÇ





Born in Barcelona. She studied piano and she’s translater and interpreter.


1986 Her musical career begins with Pianogrosso duet and records an album “Bliss

         She also shares stage with Ray Charles and the saxophonist Tony Scott.


1988 Performs in Paris, at the Marché des Arts, representing Spain, with her group, Laura

         Simó & Conrad Setó Sound. Sings with many jazz musicians: Lucky Guri,

         Francesc Burrull or Juan Carlos Calderon, among others.


1989 Records her second album  “Jazz al Drac. Vol 1, at Barcelona’s well known Cova

         del Drac

         Together with Jordi Sabates and a chamber quintet she presents songs of

         troubadors from the XI and XII, a work called ”Breviari d’Amor”


1993 Tete Montoliu, the wll known piano jazzman, choose Laura as his vocalist and they  

         tour round Europe for three years together with his trio.


1994 Creates the group “Estamos Reunidas” with jazz singer Carme Canela.


1996 Records her third album “Laura Simó Sextet – The Best Is Yet To Come”,   

         live recorded at the Jamboree, Barcelona. (Picap)


1999 Records her fourth álbum, dedicated to the american cinema “Laura Simó: De Cine

         – My Favourite Things”. (Picap)


2000 Sings at the Auditori de Barcelona with the Barcelona Symphonic Orquestra

         songs from the german composer Wilheim Gross, one of the “Forbidden Musicians”


2002 She records an album with Albert Guinovart with some of the themes of the well-

         known composer Joaquin Rodrigo.


2003 She presents her fifth C.D., Senza Fine, live recording. An homage to the european

         music films, together with the Ensemble de Bellaterra conducted by Eladio


         Collaborates with Manel Camp on a new show: Tenderly 


2004 Tours with Francesc Capella Trio and also with  Joan Monné’s Big Band.

         Together with Albert Guinovart and the Orquesta Sinfónica del Vallés, coducted

         by Edmon Colomer, presents a show with cienam and musical highlights. 

         She also works with the swiss television as a producer of a program Simply-

         Luxurious a view of Barcelona through different well known people such as Custo

         Dalmau, Ferran Adrià or Jaume Tresserra.

         She travels to Erfurt, Germany where she tours with Marcus Horn Trio at the



2005 Performs with Gran Canaria Big Band on the Spanjazz Festival in Las Palmas de  

         Gran Canaria.

         Also in Luxembourg, with a Bolero evening.

         Again to Erfurt, at the Jazzmeile with Marcus Horn , Steffen Heinze and Mathias



2006 Records her sixth “L.Simó & F.Burrull interpreten Serrat”, at Sgae studio

         recording, in Barcelona. (Stress Music)

         Sings again at the Jazzmeile with Steffen Heinze, Mathias Eichhorn and Marcus

         Horn, and also with Mathias Eichhorn Weimar Big Band.

         Presents in Istambul her album My Favourite things with her quintet.


2007 2007 begins in France, with Albert Guinovart and the Symphonic Orquestra of

         Montpellier, performing the First Concert of January, at Le Corum, Montpelier,


         Presents her seventh album “Laura Simó & Francesc Burrull interpreten Serrat”.

         Records another album with “Gran Canaria Big Band” at the Alfredo Kraus

         Auditorium , Las Palmas, Canarias.


2008 Presents her new show “50 Raons” at the Auditori of Barcelona

         with her quintet (Josep M.Duran, Joan Vinyals, Guillermo Prats and David Simó)

         and also her two last albums with Francesc Burrull and Gran Canaria Big Band


2009 She works in her most important project, “Sueño Inmaterial”, an orchestra of 33

          musicians, conducted by Joan Albert Amargós, and sharing stage with Pedro

          Ruy-Blas and Carme Canela. She presents this concert in Madrid, Teatro

          Español, May 20,  Barcelona, Palau de la Música, june 15, and New York, Zankel

          Hall at Carnegie Hall, june 28.


2010 She records the second work dedicated to Joan Manuel Serrat, with Francesc

         Burrull, “Temps de Pluja” (Temps Records) and also collaborates in the recording

         of J.M.Serrat’s project “Hijo de la Luz y de la Sombra”, a beautiful bounch of 

         Miguel Hernández’ poems.


2011 The presentations of her eighth album “Temps de Pluja”

         Summit Records publishes Gran Canaria Big Band “Straight Ahead”        


 2012 Laura collaborates with the opera singer, Stefano Palatchi. Together with Laura’s

          trio: Francesc Capella, David Simó and Guillermo Prats, they present

          PalatchiSimo and perform on several Festivals. Castell de Santa Florentina or

          Platja D’Aro, among others.


2013 Works in a musical project together with the guitarplayer Chiara Gianni.

         Sings a song on Paco Rodriguez’ C.D.Mediterráneo Horn”

         Gloria Fuertes’ poem and Albert Guinovart music


2014 Performs with Carme Canela and the Big Band y Orquestra de Cordes del  

         Conservatori Superior de Música del Liceu, conducted by the tromboinst Sergi

         Vergès at the Festival de Jazz de Barcelona

         Works on a new project , “Close to You”, an homage to Burt Bacharach, with

         Lorenzo Barriendos (doublebass and arrangements, Matthew Simon (trumpet),

         Pere Foved (drums) and Francesc Capella (piano).

         Takes part at the Festival de Jazz de Ezcaray (La Rioja)

         Sings on Isona Passola’s film, “L’Endemà”


She’s the choir conducter at he seminair Pirineos Classic, in Canfranc Estación (Jaca)



 La Palmera

Tè o Café

La Parada

L’Hora de Mari Pau Huguet

La Columna


Sense Títol

La Noche bierta

Els Matins de Josep Cuní

8 Al Dia




 Bliss  1987
Jazz al drac, vol 1  1988
L.Simó Sextet – The best is yet to come  1996 (Actual Records)
L.Simó: De Cine – My favourite things  1999 (Actual Records)
L.Simó & Ensemble de Bellaterra: Senza Fine  2002  (Satchmo Records)

L.Simó & F.Burrull interpreten Serrat 2007 (Stress Music)

Gran Canaria Big Band 2008 (Gofio Records)

L.Simó & F.Burrull – Temps de Pluja 2010 (Temps Records)

Straight Ahead  2010 – (Summit Records)




El Pirata Escalaborns – Ausias March (Veles e Vents) & J.M.Kidflus.

El Despertaferro – Lluis Llach & Carles Cases.

Los Mares del Sur – Jordi Sabatés.

Palace – El Tricicle & Ia Clua.

Pirata – Pelicula de TV3 musicada por Joan Vinyals.

Culpable de qué – Película musicada por Antonio Peral.

Hèrcules – Walt Disney. Catalán.

Anastásia – Walt Disney. Castellano y catalán.

Mulan – Walt Disney. Catalán.

Bartok – Walt Disney. Castellano.

El Principe de Egipto – Dreamworks. Castellano y catalán.

El Dorado – Dreamworks. Castellano y catalán.

Elmo en Gruñolandia – Castellano.

Shreck 2 – Castellano y catalán. 

Integral Maestro Rodrigo – Albert Guinovart

Hijo de la luz y de la sombra – Joan Manuel Serrat

Mediterraneo Horn – Paco Rodriguez









Os esperamos el día 23 de octubre en el JazzGranollers Homenaje a Burt Bacharach

Os esperamos el día 23 de octubre en el JazzGranollers
Homenaje a Burt Bacharach


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    Two (2) packs (cd/dvd) signed by Pedro Ruy-Blas and myself sent to one address only + two (2) tickets for the première (either in Madrid or Barcelona) + your name in the álbum credits (2 people) + cup of “cava” and “canapés” at the back stage, after the show (2 people)!

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    If you are a group of four (4) people, and decide to contribute to our project: Four (4) packs (cd/dvd) signed by Pedro Ruy-Blas, Carme Canela and myself sent to one address only + four (4) tickets for the première (either in Madrid or Barcelona) + your names will in the álbum credits (all four) + a cup of “cava” at the back stage after the show (4 people).

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    If you are six (6) friends and you would like to collaborate to this project: Six (6) packs (cd/dvd) signed by Pedro Ruy-Blas, Carme Canela and myself sent to one address only + six (6) tickets for the première (either in Madrid or Barcelona) + your names in the album credits + a dinner for the six (6) of you in my home in Barcelona. I love to cook! (We’ll decide the date, ok?)

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    A pleasent summer evening at the garden? A surprise party? If it’s your wish, we’ll be pleased to visit you and perform at your house. Free displacement for a maxmum of 160Km from the center of Barcelona. For a longer distance, you’ll be charged for the extra expenses (additional Km, and hotel if required). Sound equipement’s includded. We’ll perform to jazz trio: voice, piano (if you don’t have a piano forte, we’ll bring a keyboard) and doublebass. We can organize it!

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    If you are eight (8) friends and you want to collaborate in this project: Eight (8) packs (cd/dvd) sent to one address only + eight (8) photos signed by Pedro Ruy-Blas, Carme Canela and myself + eight (() tickets for the première (either in Madrid or Barcelona). Your eight (() names will appear in te álbum credits credits!!. I also will invite you to my home, for a dinner, with Carme Canela (we’ll look together for a date!), and we’ll end the evening with a concert, for your eyes only!. After the supper, of course!

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    ONLY FOR SPONSORS AND COMPANIES If you like this project and want to collaborate so that… DON’T LET THE MUSIC STOP This is your opportunity, without rewards, but with our neverending gratitude. We’ll include your logo on the album. Of course!