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This EP is the first project by the Soul Generatorz. Hip Hop, Soul, Gospel and more styles come together to create HipSoul.



Hi everyone! We are the Soul Generatorz, a HipSoul group born in Madrid and we present you our project “Soul Generatorz”.

A CD with 4 tracks completely composed and produced by us, in a very home-made manner. Our voices, all types of instruments (guitar, saxophone, keys), a VERY sick computer, and more importantly, our SOUL. These have been our main tools, and as the project kept growing we added more ingredients to strengthen it. The classic sounds of our great DJ Sunshine, the incredible gospel voices that belong to Gospelity and Gospel Factory, and the “DalaMiX” touch for the mixing and mastering, that gives this EP a very special sound.

The only thing left is to make it real, to physically create it so that we can move it and generate the SOUL around the world! and this is the main reason why we started our Crowdfunding Campaign.

We want you to collaborate to generate and expand the SOUL!



Birth of project

IMG_20170430_104226This project began months after meeting each other (Javz and Andrés Soul) in the gospel choir Gospelity, a choir directed by the singer Dani Reus at  Escuela de Música Creativa. Our instant connection led us to start working together, blending our styles together (hip-hop, soul, g-funk, gospel) reinforced by our passion for black music. That’s why we’ve named our music HipSoul (in view of the constant questions we were asked about what music we made), as it has the strength and the base of Hip Hop and the feeling and passion of Soul.

This EP mixes different messages of good vibes, social consciousness, human recognition, also with silly and playful hints.

As we kept experimenting and creating we realized that we had to share with the people what we were doing, and transmit our connection and love for music. with the people and . We arrived at this point almost without noticing it. Nevertheless, with the project in our minds, what started out as playing around and creating without a goal has combined with hard work and consistency. For us every detail is important to express our SOUL to you.




Rewards and special collaboration with Radio Vallekas

Fully “attuned” with Radio Vallekas ( as they feel that music is a “common good”, we are proud to collaborate with them by sharing part of the money generated by one of our rewards (digital download).

With this reward you support the work of musical and cultural diffusion that RADIO VALLEKAS has been doing for 30 years.


Here we offer you some rewards so that you receive more than just our thank you:

-Do you imagine surprising your friends with a private concert in your house or at your garden this summer??
-Or live the experience of going to a recording session in a studio
-Or… how about a personalized song about whatever you want just for 30 euros?….


t shirt1

 With your support we’ll be able to finish the mastering of the EP, create the CDs, move and promote the project as much as we can, and make unique music videos.

Thank you all for your support and your help to generate with us, with more power than ever, the SOUL!!








LIV_edited copia







Nuestras actualizaciones

Nuestra Campaña en ThunderClap

Bienvenido a la Familia Soul Generatorz
Buscaremos manteneros informados de nuestras actualizaciones durante nuestra campaña de crowdfunding.

Nuestros VideoClips

Os presentamos el videoclip del primer tema de nuestro EP ” SOUL GENERATORZ”


Apoyo Recibido

Es inmensurable la cantidad de personas que debemos agradecer por el apoyo recibido hasta este momento.
Algunos están contribuyendo otros compartiendo contenidos… ¡agradecemos a todos de corazón!

Dalamix-> Nos gustaría hacer hincapié en el apoyo recibido por Dalama de Dalamix, sin sus consejos no podríamos haber llegado tan lejos.
Radio Vallekas-> Nos apoya impulsando nuestra campaña a través de la radio.
APDWeb-> También no podemos olvidar de nuestro amigo Lucas Maranho Experto en Crowdfunding que nos tiene ayudado a movernos en las redes sociales.

A todos los amigos, familiares, vecinos, panaderos y nuestros perros que nos están ayudando en esta campaña. 
Agradecemos de todo Corazón!!

Experto en Crowdfunding

Estudio de grabacion 

Blog de Marketing Online y Redes Sociales 

Empezando la segunda semana

¿Qué decir?

Estamos agradecidos por todo el apoyo que estamos recibiendo. Hoy dia 27 de Mayo, empezamos la segunda semana (el octavo día de campaña) com 30% financiado, agradecemos a los amigos, familiares y a todos los que están apoyándonos … GRACIAS!!!

Sin vosotros nada sería posible. Seguiremos con nuestro Alma HipSoul tocando el Soul Generatorz.

¡A por los 32 días que nos quedan con mucho HipSoul!

¡Nos quedan 11 dias

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    SOUL GENERATORZ CD signed and dedicated (shipment included in Spain. Payment on delivery for other countries).

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    T-shirt + SOUL GENERATORZ CD signed and dedicated (shipment included in Spain. Payment on delivery for other countries)

  • 42 Backers

    SOUL G PACK: Ticket presentation concert Madrid + T-shirt + SOUL GENERATORZ CD signed and dedicated.

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    Limit of 15 — 12 remaining

    Come with us to DalaMiX Estudio + SOUL GENERATORZ CD signed and dedicated (shipment included in Spain)

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    Limit of 15 — 5 remaining

    PERSONALIZED SONG: This is your song! We'll create a song (1 minute long) about whatever you want! Ideal as a gift for someone special, a ringtone, a jingle or publicity.

  • 5 Backers
    Limit of 12 — 7 remaining

    DEDICATE IT TO YOU: We dedicate a song to whomever you want. We'll take the guitar and sing one of our songs to your love, your mother, your best friend, your dog! We have all types of songs for different moments (happy, energetic, chilled out, funny, powerful, serious, sad, etc)

  • 3 Backers
    Limit of 6 — 3 remaining

    BE A SOUL GENERATOR: Rehearse and sing a song with us live in a concert. Feel the SOUL like you've never felt it before!

  • 1 Backer
    Limit of 12 — 11 remaining

    PRIVATE CONCERT (Only Madrid and surrounding areas): A special event is coming and you want a unique celebration? Leave it to us and we guarantee you a memory you will cherish forever ;)